DZD Diabetes Research School 2016 in Munich, Sept, 11-12

Information on DZD Diabetes Research School

The German Center for Diabetes Research (DZD) is inviting young scientists from all over the world to the 4th DZD Diabetes Research School. The meeting will take place in Munich on September 11-12, 2016, right before the Annual Meeting of the EASD.


Scientific Program of the DZD Diabetes Research School

  • Francesco Beguinot (University of Naples)
    Will epigenetic explain T2D risk?
  • Christian Boitard (University of Paris Descartes)
    Type 1 diabetes: from immune biomarkers towards specific immunotherapy
  • Michael Czech (University of Massachusetts)
    Gene editing and deletion to enhance insulin signaling and energy expenditure in type 2 diabetes and obesity
  • Sadaf Farooqi (University of Cambridge)
    Genetic, molecular and physiological mechanisms involved in human obesity
  • Andrew Hattersley (University of Exeter)
    From base change to better care in diabetes


With a special talk on diabetes innovation in industry Ruth Gimeno (Eli Lilly & Company)
Diabetes Drug Discovery: Challenges and Opportunities

The meeting is open to young investigators (35 years or younger) in the field of diabetes research. Students earning or having a medical degree are as welcomed as natural sciences students.
The meeting including accommodation and catering is free of charge!
Travel costs have to be paid individually. Please find detailed information in the attached flyer or on the webpages.

Application for DZD Diabetes Research School: . Deadline for application is June 15, 2016.

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