2nd International Scientific Symposium: Functional Renal Imaging

Where Physiology, Nephrology, Radiology and Physics Meet

Wdnesday, October 11th 2017 – Friday, October 13th 2017
Max-Delbrück Center Berlin, Germany

We are excited to announce the 2nd International Symposium on Functional Renal Imaging: Where Physiology, Nephrology, Radiology and Physics Meet, which will be held October 11th – October 13th 2017 in Berlin, Germany. Please save the date!

Goals and Objectives

This symposium is designed to bring together scientists and clinicians from several disciplines, in a unique attempt to shape the future of renal functional imaging. It will provide an overview of cutting edge clinical and pre-clinical renal imaging techniques, and explore the clinical relevance of renal imaging, the future directions of renal functional MR, and the harmonization of these approaches with clinical applications. We aim to provide a platform for fruitful engagement with colleagues and peers, and to foster the development of local, national and international collaborations to explore multi-disciplinary imaging approaches. The symposium is tailored to attract basic scientists, clinical scientists and clinicians from physiology, nephrology, radiology, internal medicine and related fields, as well as experts in imaging sciences and physics from all levels, ranging from students to advanced users and international experts. It is a symposium from the community for the community.

Scientific Program

The scientific program comprises 13 sessions, covering a wide spectrum of renal physiology and pathologies, invasive quantitative approaches, optical imaging techniques, photoacoustic imaging and MR imaging. We are honored to present an array of outstanding international speakers including first class basic scientists, technology leaders and distinguished clinical experts. Focused sessions will provide deeper explanations into the most pressing imaging needs from the clinical perspective, and highlight the potential of renal imaging for the assessment of renal physiology, and the challenges en route to broader clinical applications. Industry experts will present the current capabilities of functional MRI of the kidney, and outline the emergence of future renal MR imaging techniques. We aim to bridge disciplinary boundaries, and to engage the creativity and drive of the renal imaging community to solve the remaining challenges and overcome the barriers standing in the way of addressing unmet clinical objectives with renal functional imaging.

Poster Sessions and Poster Power Presentations

Poster sessions will run in parallel with the scientific program. We will also include multiple timeslots for poster power presentations, in order to bring to the attention of the audience a large number of poster presenters. Contributions of posters are strongly encouraged, and the best posters and poster power presentations, as judged by the audience, will receive an award.
We warmly invite you to join us for the 2nd International Symposium on Functional Renal Imaging in Berlin. Please save the date. A visit to Berlin is always worth it. Alongside the dynamic scientific landscape, Berlin has numerous historical landmarks, cultural highlights and sport events to offer.
We eagerly look forward to your participation. Be there – be Berlin! (beberlin.de)




Erdmann Seeliger
Charité, Berlin

Andreas Pohlmann
MDC, Berlin

Dirk Grosenick
PTB, Berlin

Sonia Waiczies
MDC, Berlin

Kathleen Cantow
Charité, Berlin

Thoralf Niendorf
MDC, Berlin

Pontus Persson
Charité, Berlin