Research Topic 1

WP5, Prof. Dr. Tamas Horvath

WP5, Prof. Dr. Tamas Horvath, Yale University, USA & Helmholtz Zentrum München


Research Topic 1
Environmental Metabolic Disease: Discovery and Validation of Novel CNS Targets

Work Package 1:
Yeo, O’Rahilly, Hofmann, Mewes, Hrabe de Angelis, Wurst, Tschöp
Molecular mechanisms underlying brain control of food intake

Work Package 2:
Hübner (collaborators: Spranger)
Genetic and epigenetic regulatory networks controlling liver metabolism

Work Package 3:
Treier (collaborators: Brüning, Tschöp, Willnow, Häring, Shah)
Optogenetic deconstruction and functional characterisation of hypothalamic BSX circuits controlling metabolism

Work Package 4:
Willnow (collaborators: Treier, Tschöp, Hübner, Herzig)
Functional characterisation of recently identified CNS targets relevant fot eh control of obesity and type 2 diabetes

Work Package 5:
Hrabe de Angelis, Tschöp, Horvath (collaborators: Mewes)
Discovery of key pathways mediating parental metabolic programing

Work Package 6:
Mewes (collaborators: Hrabe de Angelis, Tschöp, Wurst, Häring)
Application of integrative bioinformatics for identification of CNS targets relevant fort he control of systems metabolism, obesity and T2DM

Color code:
Basic science


Mathias Treier, MDC Berlin



  • Jens Brüning, Max Planck Institute Cologne
  • Hans-Werner Mewes, Helmholtz Zentrum München