Research Topic 2

Fig. 1, Gut Organoid

WP9, Prof. Dr. Heiko Lickert, Helmholtz Zentrum München

Research Topic 2
Environmental Metabolic Disease: Integrating central and peripheral processes

Work Package 7:
Herzig (collaborators: Brüning, Tschöp, Horvath)
Control of peripheral metabolic signaling by the CNS

Work Package 8:
Stumvoll, Blüher, Bechmann (collaborators: Brüning, O’Rahilly, Häring, Spranger, Horvath)
Cross talk between the brain and adipose tissue

Work Package 9:
Lickert (collaborators: Tschöp, Hofmann, Westmeyer)
To test the hypothesis that pancreatic beta-cell turnover and progenitor cell recruitment are under the control of CNS efferent signals

Work Package 10:
Roden (collaborators: Hallschmid, Lehnert, Häring, Shah)
Insulin-regulated energy metabolism – cross talk between brain and peripheral tissues.

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  • Jens Brüning, Max Planck Institute Cologne 
  • Hans-Werner Mewes, Helmholtz Zentrum München