Research Topic 3

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WP14, Prof. Dr. Gil Westmeyer, Helmholtz Zentrum München

Research Topic 3
Impaired CNS control of metabolism and therapeutic intervention

Work Package 11:
Molecular imaging and targeting of hypothalamic inflammation in obestiy

Work Package 12:
Tsch����p (collaborators: Wurst)
Dual-specificity phosphatase 8 as molecular link between hypothalamic inflammation and systemic glucose intolerance.

Work Package 13:
Wurst (collaborators: Westmeyer, Tschöp, Hrabe de Angelis, Lickert, Götz)
Dissecting the role of central CRH signalling for hypothalamic inflammatory and morphological processes promoting obesity and diabetes.

Work Package 14:
Westmeyer (collaborators: Tschöp, Wurst)
Multi-modal imaging and targeted drug delivery to study diet-induced hypothalamic morphological changes.

Work Package 15:
Hofmann (collaborators: Wurst, Tschöp, Brüning, Götz, Androutsellis-Theotokis, Westmeyer)
Gender-specific effects of endurance training on diet-induced obesity.

Work Package 16:
Androutsellis-Theotokis, Bornstein
Involvement of a newly discovered endogenous neural stem cell in the CNS control of metabolic diseases.

Work Package 17:
Götz (collaborators: Tschöp)
Impact of metabolic diseases on adult neural stem cells in hypothalamic metabolism control centers.

Work Package 18:
Hallschmid, Lehnert, Häring (collaborators: Yeo, Brüning, Mewes, Scheffler)
Brain insulin action in the control of systemic glucose and energy }etabolism.

Work Package 19:
Spranger, Krude, Biebermann, Haynes
Interaction between nutrition and the endocrine network regulating whole body energy homeostasis.

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  • Tschöp
  • Götz



  • Jens Brüning, Max Planck Institute Cologne 
  • Hans-Werner Mewes, Helmholtz Zentrum München