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Cross section of the murine hypothalamus containing microglia (red), POMC neurons (green) and the synaptic marker VGLUT2 (magenta). WP8, Prof. Dr. Ingo Bechmann Group.

Fig.1, Gut Organoid: Whole-mount immunofluorescent staining of a gut organoid. Proliferative cells (stained with Ki67) reside in crypt-like buds that are separated by villus-like domains (WP9, Prof. Dr. Heiko Lickert).Fig. 2, Lineage Tracing: Immunofluorescent staining of Foxa2 inducible genetic lineage tracing using Foxa2nEGFP-CreERT2/+ mouse line crossed into the dual fluorescent Cre-reporter ROSA26mTmG/+ mouse in the duodenum of P28 mouse. The presence of recombined clones along the crypt/villus axis indicates stem cell characteristics of Foxa2-expressing cells (WP9, Prof. Dr. Heiko Lickert).FVF Duodenum; WP9, Prof. Dr. Heiko Lickert.