Promoting young scientists: Carlos Cruz Pérez

Fast fluorescence imaging of neuroendocrine regulation in the zebrafish

Carlos’ background in electrical engineering qualifies him particularly well for establishing the fast imaging instrumentation needed for real-time visualization of the reporters generated by the biochemical engineers in the iCEMED research team. Specifically, Carlos will design and build a state-of-the-art fluorescent microscope based on selective plane illumination (SPIM) that is optimized for fast volumetric imaging of dynamic processes in transparent zebrafish models.

A particular focus will be on genetically encoded reporters such as sensors for calcium or gene expression changes. This non-invasive molecular imaging technology will be paired with metabolic stimulation paradigms and molecular analytics designed to further our systems-level understanding of neuroendocrine control.


Carlos Cruz Pérez

Figure 1: Scheme depicting the general experimental design to study neuroendocrine control via Light-Sheet Microscopy in zebrafish