Writing & Publication Series

Writing & Publication Series

In order to promote young researchers, enhance productivity and to support an excellent cooperation culture within the alliance the „ICEMED Writing & Publication Series“ was initiated by Program Management following several requests raised by junior scientists at the first annual meeting. Program Management of the Alliance supports the Series by offering administrative as well as financial support for all PhD candidates and postdoctoral scientists. To support the publication output of the ICEMED network, Dr. Iain Patten has been providing several professional development opportunities beginning in 2013.

1st Workshop – “Residential Writing Retreat” (5 days off site)

2nd Workshop – “Intensive Writing for Publication Program” (5+3 days off site)

3rd Workshop – “Residential Writing Retreat on Narrative Reviews and Opinion Articles” (5 days off site)

Firstly, a “Residential Writing Retreat” was held in Berlin where young researchers could discuss their writing in detail as part of a group facilitated by the experienced writing consultant Dr. Patten. Themes were chosen to reflect the yearly progression of the ICEMED network and provide an ongoing opportunity for participants to develop their skills in writing manuscripts and the publication process. Due to its huge success the Series continued with the “Intensive Writing for Publication Program” in the same year, which provided a rare opportunity for young researchers to prepare their own research articles for publication with the dedicated support of a professional writing consultant. Together, these options were designed to help ICEMED researchers to develop their skills and making an active contribution to the ongoing success of the network. To date all participating scientists of the Series provided overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Last year, a third workshop with the experienced scientific writing coach Dr. Iain Patten took place upon request of the participants of the two previous workshops with the following topic: 3rd Workshop – “Residential Writing Retreat on Narrative Reviews and Opinion Articles”. Although review articles are a valuable opportunity for early career researchers to make a contribution to their field and demonstrate their critical thinking, many find the task challenging. To make an impact, review articles must do more than simply provide an overview of the information available in the literature. They must provide critical insights and advance the thinking in the field. The challenge of this type of writing is therefore to develop and structure meaningful arguments that will engage readers and stimulate their own thinking about the field. In this writing retreat as part of the ICEMED alliance, 8 young ICEMED scientists explored creative ways of approaching this writing challenge and developed their capacity to write convincingly and engagingly.

All costs of the Series were covered through the Backbone Fund of the Alliance in order to support all junior scientists.